Malhaar Centre for Performing Arts is the hub of Indian performing arts training in the UAE. It is the one-stop destination for learning the age-old traditions of Indian classical music, dance, theatre as well as art & craft in modern environment. The institute is approved by Dubai’s Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA), Government of Dubai.

At Malhaar, we are passionate about nurturing the talent of the young and those young at heart.

Skills and knowledge of the Indian music have been passed down from Guru (teacher) to shishya (student) over thousands of years. This tradition is considered to be the best and most effective way of learning and is very much alive even today.

Indian music is an aural tradition and was very rarely written down, but instead learnt directly from the teacher.

Whether it is Indian classical music or dance (Kathak and Bharatnatyam) or instrument (Tabla, flute, harmonium), Malhaar’s team of specialist teachers provide classes in small groups and are dedicated to nurturing and developing your innate talent in Indian performing arts.

Students at Malhaar will be examined and certified for high school and university degree courses in Vocal, Dance, Instrumental as well as Percussion, by the examiners from Gandharva Mahavidyalaya Mandal, India.

An eclectic programme of workshops with living legends, recitals, live performances, events and many more will dot every academic year.

Malhaar’s custom-built performance space at Jumeirah Lakes Towers is home to all its activities.

Malhaar is also home to UAE’s first Indian classical ensemble, Malhaar.

Get in tune with your talent with Malhaar Centre for Performing Arts.



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    Mentors & Trainers

    Name:Jogiraj Sikidar
    Genre: Founder-Director
    Name:Chaitali Sarkar
    Genre: Managing Partner
    Name:Arindam Chakravarty
    Genre: Tabla
    Name:Manjeet Singh
    Genre: Hindustani Vocal & Harmonium
    Name:Subhajit Guhathakurta
    Genre: Hindustani Vocal
    Name:Deepashree Gadgil
    Genre: Bharatanatyam
    Name:Sameeksha Joshi
    Genre: Kathak
    Name:Prashant Yeware
    Genre: Tabla
    Name:Anjana Prabhu
    Genre: Bharatanatyam
    Name:Priyanka Ghate
    Genre: Bharatanatyam
    Name:Jyoti Unni
    Genre: Odissi
    Name:Avijit Kar
    Genre: Piano & Keyboard
    Name:Ageeshma Das
    Genre: Admin
    Name:Sreekutty S. Rupesh
    Genre: Carnatic Music

    Term Dates

    • Term 1: September - December 2017
    • Term 2: January - March 2018
    • Term 3: April - June 2018


    Malhaar offers its students opportunities to attend different workshop series where they can observe and learn from the legends of Indian performing arts. Viraasat (heritage) and Mausiqi (tradition) feature the leegends while Whitelight Unplugged is again a series designed to offer a serious platform to art lovers to share, learn and work with one another in a celebration of talent.

    Gen-Next Take On the Musical Mantle

    Seven years after Malhaar, UAE’s popular Indian music ensemble, gave their first public performance on the prestigious Global Village stage, Malhaar Junior for under-18 performers literally followed in Malhaar’s footsteps with their grand musical debut at Global Village ‘City 1016 Winter Wonders Concert’