An elite club to share your passion with other connoisseurs of Indian performing arts. It's an exclusive club for members who have finer taste for Indian music, poetry and art ClassicClub membership comes with benefits such as tickets to Indian musical events, celebrity workshops, one-to-one training, etc.
Together, the ClassicClub members can forge an epicentre of creative explosion.
  • Create a community of Indian music connoisseurs.
  • Establish a happy hunting ground for potential collaborators and partners.
  • Lay the foundation of a place where people can feel at home and find inspiration, opportunities as well as have a great time.
  • Garner support for Indian performing arts and artists.
Access to:
  • Malhaar’s annual mega musical events
  • Music appreciation courses
  • Workshops with Indian maestros
  • Customised workshops and appreciation courses
  • Whitelight Unplugged
  • Artist residency programmes