Our Journey

Malhaar Choir is the first and largest non-profit, performing ensemble of expat artists in the UAE; sharing India’s rich and diverse artistic heritage with global music connoisseurs. Established in 2008, Malhaar has today over 100 musicians, dancers, theatre artists and other performing artists from across the sub-continent, numerous artistic collaborations and many successful shows to its credit.

Broadway-style musical productions

From Indian choral music to Hindustani classical, folk and other contemporary music, Malhaar Choir inculcated diversity and performed across vast music genres. Malhaar Choir is best known for its thematic mega-musicals, inspired by Indian culture, folklore and rich historical heritage. With over 100 expat artistes on stage – actors, dancers, visual artists, poets and playwrights – we create grand, Broadway-style musical productions. Be it ‘Rooh-e-Ishq’ or ‘Jashn-e-Awadh’ or ‘O Ganga’ or ‘Draupadi’, or “Haaye Akhtari”- every Malhaar production has received tremendous critical acclaim and have had packed houses.

Music Movement

Malhaar Choir is about theater and music movement – of expat artists and for expat artists. Malhaar Choir runs purely with the voluntary effort of its members and the support of expat South Asian community in the UAE. Our members include housewives, students, working professionals and other artistes, who spend long stretches of their personal time while sharing their immense passion for music and arts. They collectively contribute as designers, writers, marketing managers and finance specialists from the inception of an idea till the last performance on stage. Our theatrical productions are primarily funded through corporate sponsorships and the profit earned through these productions is donated, in its entirety, to support a significant social cause.

Passion and purpose

To provide a unique and credible platform to UAE-based expat South Asian musicians and performing artists with exceptional talents to collaborate and create  original, inspiring musical experiences for global audiences.

  • To provide a reputable learning and performance platform to professional and amateur theatre and musicians from the South Asian sub-continent, currently residing in the UAE
  • To share the rich and diverse culture heritage of the Indian sub-continent by creating thematic, thought-provoking and captivating musicals
  • To raise awareness and appreciation for different genres of South Asian music and performing arts (with focus on classical arts) amongst NRIs and global music connoisseurs in the UAE
  • To foster the spirit of ‘learning, teaching and giving selflessly’ through a voluntary format, where the mentors, performers and supporting members contribute their skill, time and effort without any monetary expectations

Key Performances

Malhaar has performed to packed houses across the UAE and other Gulf countries; be it our signature mega musicals or the bespoke concerts for special occasions.

Some of Malhaar’s most popular concerts include:

  • Rooh-e-Ishq: Unraveling the Mystical World of Sufism
  • Goonje Bankar Des Raag
  • Suro Ki Holi – Special Holi concert
  • Jashn-e-Awadh: A Magical Journey to the Land of Nawabs
  • Ganga: Echoes from the River of Life
  • I’m Gandhi
  • Draupadi: The Voice of Dignity
  • Haaye Akhtari- celebrating 100 years of Begum Akhtar’s legacy
  • WhiteLight Unplugged – A unique, monthly open-air concert in Dubai, which offers a ready stage and enthusiastic audience to aspiring NRI singers and musicians to collaborate and showcase their talents