Malhaar Centre for Performing Arts

Malhaar Centre for Performing Arts is UAE’s premier hub for learning all forms of Indian Performing Arts.

Malhaar Centre For Performing Arts’ aim is to provide training that enables students to become complete performing artists. The Centre offers a holistic learning approach under the ‘Listen, Learn and Perform’ model.

Malhaar Centre for Performing Arts

Our teaching methodology imbibes the philosophy that Learning is incomplete without being able to appreciate the art form through Listening and inculcating a habit of putting learning into practice by way of Performance. At the institute, we teach 10 different disciplines of Performing Arts, and our students age from 4-year-old to 74-years young.

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Hindustani Vocal | Carnatic Vocal | Kathak | Bharatnatyam | Oddisi | Bollywood Classic Dance | Tabla | Sitar | Keyboard | Harmonium


LISTEN to maestros through interactive sessions, music appreciation workshops and concerts.


LEARN from accomplished gurus who teach exclusively at Malhaar. Our gurus are trained under the guru-shisya tradition and have several years of teaching and performance experience.


PERFORM with peers and gurus. At Malhaar, we groom students to become performers who are stage ready
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After successfully enabling e learning for students in UAE, we are now offering our regular courses to students around the world via zoom. Malhaar is proud to have students in Singapore, Indonesia, USA, Canada, UK, Bahrain, Spain, Switzerland, Bangladesh and China. You too can start your musical journey now.



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